Infegy Linguistics

The fastest, most accurate way to make unstructured text valuable

With most text analytics platforms you either get fast or accurate, never both, and even then they’re rarely that fast, that accurate, or able to handle massive streams of data.

How do we know? Infegy’s consumer insights platform requires all three, but no system out there could deliver. In response, we developed something that could.

Insanely Fast

Low Latency



A solution that can handle the messiest text you can throw at it

From handling HTML to analyzing and associating words across North American, Central American, South American, and European languages, Infegy Linguistics is an end-to-end text analytics solution.

Gain deep understanding with a wide variety of semantic outputs

Infegy Linguistics gives you an enormous amount of information about the text it analyzes, from detection of themes, emotions, passion, and sentiment, the system is designed to help you make as much sense of your data as absolutely possible.

Complete control with three ways to deploy

Fast enough to use in the cloud, flexibile enough to install on-premise, agile enough to integrate into existing systems.

In the Cloud

On Premise


An enormous amount of functionality to help you get the most from text

Infegy Linguistics extracts complex themes, emotions, sentiment, and passion, while also providing the ability to summarize thousands of documents into a single sentence.

Summarization of multiple documents into one sentence
Sentiment analysis (positive, negative, neutral, mixed)
Multi-language word association (amazing = asombroso)
Validated out-of-box sentiment precision (accuracy) 93%
Validated out-of-box sentiment recall 97%
Theme extraction (purchase intent, cost etc.)
Sentiment scored theme extraction (ex: negative cost)
Language detection (68 Languages)
Topic extraction and phrase detection
Topic clustering and relation
HTML handling (including broken HTML)
Extensive unicode support, including malformed data

Technical specifications

Throughput Up to 1 Gbps (upgrade options available)
Processing Latency ~1 millisecond
Supported Character Formats UTF-8 and HTML
Returned API Data Format JSON (XML optionally available)
Maximum Dataset Size 16,384 petabytes
Supported Languages Detection of 68 languages, sentiment for English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Financial English

Learn more about Infegy Linguistics

Based on more than eight years of research and development, Infegy Linguistics was built to handle massive datasets and high-volume streams of unstructured textual data.

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