Infegy Linguistics NLP

Robust and highly accurate analysis of social media and owned datasets

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Infegy Linguistics provides cutting-edge technology that understands complex grammar, delivering best-available accuracy for sentiment and advanced contextual analysis.

Key Benefits

93% Accuracy

Validated by the most rigorous test ever performed in the industry


Consistent results with no manual training required

Beyond Sentiment

Understand purchase behaviors, emotions, attitudes, and passion

Blazing Fast

Results returned within seconds, streaming up to 1Gbps

Unparalelled performance through a unique approach to NLP

Our engineers built and field tested nearly every variation of NLP system (manual and automated) to ensure that Infegy Linguistics is the most accurate, robust, and performant system available.

The result is an automated system that breaks down sentences, understanding grammar, subjects, synonyms, and context, enabling highly accurate interpretation of complex language.

Results you can trust, validated by the most rigorous test in the industry

The accuracy and performance of Infegy Linguistics was exhaustively validated by the largest, most comprehensive, and methodologically sound approach undertaken by any provider in the social media intelligence category. Read the white paper.

  • High level testing details

  • 2 Million Documents

    Large sample to reflect real-world performance

  • Long and Short Form Content

    Combination of both long and short form documents with varied writing levels

  • Internet Speak

    Data processed mirrors a broad range of language use, including internet speak

Detailed analysis that goes far deeper than sentiment and word frequency

Linguistics extracts meaning beyond sentiment tonality, including topic extraction, themes, emotions, and even summarization of thousands of results into a few sentences.

Infegy Atlas Topic Extraction

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Based on more than eight years of research and development, Infegy Linguistics was built to handle massive datasets and high-volume streams of unstructured textual data.

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